Like Any Other

February 6th arrived
like any other day.

A knock at the door,
the sun was rising.

“Should I take off my shoes?”

That answer’s in
another place and time.

February 6th arrived
like any winter day.

Cold and unforgiving.

“I’ll put some coffee on.”

“That would be nice.”

I’m at the cabinet
looking for a cup
too focused to hear
the footsteps approaching.

February 6th arrived
with a blade as old as anything,
drew it from her belt,
and ran it cleanly through my side.

WiggleWop Went Wobbling

WiggleWop went wobbling down WaddleBerry Way
Wishing that the WiddleNips would come again someday
The WozzleTops and Wubietubes were dancing in the wind
And WiggleWop was wondering if he still had a friend

His WattleZogs were whimpering, Miles to go he had
The WaggleZip stood splintering, The sky was very mad
The WizzleWop was waving, The WuzzleDoos did play
While WiggleWop went wobbling down WaddleBerry Way

A Strange Eruption

A strange eruption
Born from where
No one knows
And no one goes

Bright and boiling
Hot as light
Never ending
Deep as night

Ever changing
Still the same
Known by few
Never named

A strange eruption
Shook the sky
And buried me
The me that died

The me that’s here
Alive and well
And writing you
Is like a swell

Or, more specific,
To be true
Is like an ocean
Deep and blue

Life is Full of These

driplets, droplets, drooplets
flippity floppity flooplets
hippity hoppity hooplets
life is full of these

uppers, downers, side-to-siders
curveballs, change-ups, fastballs, sliders
urban owls and rural risers
life is full of these

hard times earned and time well spent
dirt cheap pay and sky high rent
things that don’t make sense or cents
life is full of these


My Mother told me Christ was a carpenter.
I too, She said, would become a carpenter of sorts.
Instead of splintered hands wearing thick callouses,
My palms bear ink stains that won’t wash out.

My Mother told me that Christ was a carpenter.
She said My Father was a carpenter as well.
Instead of mallets and beams, He works with hopes and dreams,
Building His Children up one drop of sweat at a time.

My Mother told Me that Christ was a carpenter.
Curious, I asked what that made Her.
She replied, “The Architect and The Structure.
The Creator and Masterpiece.”

We come from a long line of carpenters,
And We are bound to shape this Earth
Until We walk into the shady grove across the River.

There Was An Error

There was an error
Mistakes are often made when running
Feet slammed their way towards the bastion
Guarded by ancient values injected into rustic minds
Rural men know little of firearms and deadly torque
Still, they spin their wheels toward a heavenly rendezvous


The earth will feed you
The earth will eat you
You both have hunger
You both need food

The water will fill you
The water will kill you
You both have highs
You both have lows

The fire will guard you
The fire will char you
You both burn brightly
You both need fuel

The wind will cool you
The wind will fool you
You both love moving
You both need room

When you speak with burning lips
When you stare with cyclone eyes
When you feast on other’s work
When you sink in watery lies

Remember the damage you do